Scorpion Pumpkin


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IMG_2746_CCHey everyone! Sorry I have been gone for so long! Seems like life just got in the way this year so I have only managed to get one project done so far. Continue reading


Pig Nose Pumpkin Rat


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Whipping out the paper mâché pumpkin on these projects is a snap compared to the critter that goes with it. Guess I’ll start this post with the pumpkin since he took the least amount of time. Continue reading

Pumpkin Batworm


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IMG_2583_CCHalloween is one of my favorite holidays so after many years of thinking about this, I decided to embark on my first Halloween project! Before I get started with this tutorial, I want to give credit to Unhinged Productions and Ultimate Paper Mâché for their fantastic instructions and paper clay recipes. Thanks so much! You both are wonderful teachers! Continue reading

Butterfly Dragon – Finally Finished! Part IV


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WINGS!!!!! I thought I would never get here! This dragon hasn’t taken me as long as others, but there just seemed to be so many little things that needed to get taken care of before I ever got to the wings. I started them like all the other ones that I have done, but decided to see if I could build them up with the smooth clay. So here is how they began…IMG_2502_CC Continue reading

Butterfly Dragon – Finishing Touches, Part III


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An idea popped into my head a few months ago about doing a dragon holding some butterflies.  Right after I started this project, I started seeing signs of butterflies everywhere. Spiritually, personally and as a society, we are going through many transformations right now. This is the message of butterflies, so it was interesting that the universe wanted me to add these little creatures to one of my dragons.

It took some thinking for how I was going to accomplish this so I started researching images of various butterflies on the internet. These were the three I came up with:bfly0192

butterfly3frbfly015 Continue reading

Butterfly Dragon – Basic Dragon, Part I




I decided to try some new methods with this dragon. Instead of doing flour and water paper mâché balls to form the dragon, I wanted to make a basic body shape cut from foam core. I built up the figure with wads of paper or foil to get my desired shape and then used two different types of paper clay to fill out the features. Here are the beginnings of the arms and legs showing the process of adding the rough paper clay. Clay needed to be added a little at a time and allowed to dry otherwise the clay would fall off.

IMG_2430_CC Continue reading

Blinky Snickertuft, House Brownie


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In English and Scottish folklore, a Brownie or Urisk is a small house spirit that helps with chores. The Brownie resembles the folklore Hobgoblin. The term “Hob” is used loosely to designate many benevolent household Faeries.

These kindly and dependable creatures (also called lobs, hobs or, if female, silkies) attach themselves to human households, where they help with chores and protect the well-being of people living on “their” land.

Fiercely loyal, brownies will defend a home and its surrounding estate from burglars and goblins. They live somewhere on the land they protect, perhaps in an abandoned barn, an unused closet, or within the walls.

 Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You

Continue reading

Hearts for Lily Dragon – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!


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First, let me thank everyone who entered into this contest. We had 46 entries which translated into $460 for Lily’s medical needs. You guys ROCK!!!

Sunday, David Stipes and I made a trip to Lily’s house for me to meet her because we thought it would be appropriate for her to be the one to choose the winner of the dragon. Forty-six individual entries were placed in a bowl, stirred, mixed, and thoroughly shuffled (several times by Lily).

When Lily was ready, she chose one name and that is:



The dragon has already been delivered to Chloie’s grandmother who was generous enough to buy her three entries into this raffle. Chloie is nine years old and from what I have learned has powerful dragon energy!

Here are some photos of that day –

Meeting Lily for the first time! Contrary to how this child looks, she is actually very ill, but she has such a positive attitude!

IMG_8658_CC-darker-fix dragon

Lily making sure the entries are completely mixed.


Pulling the winner!

IMG_8677_CC-no spots


I will post photos of the winner when they become available. Thanks everyone again!

Hearts for Lily Dragon Raffle Giveaway!!! – CLOSED


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The Hearts for Lily Dragon Raffle is now over! Thank you so much to Rose Bean Schledwitz, JoAnne Kabat, Scott Baker, Stacy Smith, Patricia Druckman, Anne Nygaard, Margo Dolittle, Lynda Frenchette, Heidi Bender Milliner, Chloie Milliner, Daniel Jacob, Carol A. Kiefer, and Rebecca Davis for your donations to help this child in need! The winner of the Hearts for Lily Dragon will be chosen sometime within the next week and be notified by email. I will also post the winner here. Good luck to everyone and blessings to all who shared, donated, sent prayers or even positive thoughts for this endeavor. Love you all!

Diane Cook

Donations can still be made for Lily on her GoFundMe campaign.