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IMG_1815_CCAfter I saw the new Disney movie, Maleficent, I knew I had to try and make my interpretation of this dragon. With the help of Dan Reeder’s book, Paper Mache Dragons: Making Dragons & Trophies using Paper & Cloth Mache, and watching his videos on YouTube; I was able to learn enough about his techniques to craft my own dragon.

I am not going to go into all the details of making my dragon since Dan has so beautifully shown how to create dragons through his books and videos. All the beginning instructions for the paper mâché can be obtained there. The 12mm glass eyes were purchased from Nixcreations.

These photos begin in the middle of the process because I was busy trying to figure out what methods worked as it was my first dragon. Because of this I did not stop in the middle to take pictures.

IMG_1789_CCAfter I had finished all the paper mâché work including adding cloth scales, I used primer over the entire dragon.

Here itIMG_1792_CC is from another angle:

IMG_1793_CCFound that it was difficult to handle the dragon with spikes and things attached (knocked the tongue off a couple of times trying to turn the dragon while putting on scales), so I painted everywhere I could. I left the area white where the spikes attach because it was easier to see my markings as to where to put them.


 Attaching spikes.

IMG_1796_CCIMG_1798_CCIMG_1800_CCFrom a different direction…IMG_1801_CC

IMG_1803_CCDifferent views of finished spikes…IMG_1805_CC

Making the wings…IMG_1802_CC

!8 gauge stem wire for the outer part and 20 gauge for the ribs wrapped with masking tape.IMG_1807_CC

Two wing pieces and beard. Blue sheer cloth for covering.IMG_1808_CC

Cloth dipped in white glue and draped over wing ribs to dry and the finished wings.IMG_1816_CC

















Finished Maleficent from different views.