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I know most everyone thought this dragon was finished in the last blog post, but if you look at him closely, you can see he seems to be holding something.

While I was at Michael’s  a couple of years ago during Valentine’s day, I came across some heart picks that I thought I could someday use with a dragon. I bought one pick that had five hearts on it in two different sizes.

img_2296_ccAfter I separated the hearts and tried them out with the dragon, I realized that the piece needed more hearts. Great! It has been two years since I bought that pick at Michael’s! I had looked at several different craft stores and they didn’t have anything like those hearts. I went back to Michael’s and looked around. Nothing… Luckily before I gave up and left the store, I decided to take a second look. I found a bin with different picks. Each one only had one heart that I could use in a slightly bigger size. I grabbed two of those and as I was rooting through the bin, low and behold, there was an exact pick like the one I bought two years ago! Only one, but that was all I needed!

Here is how I placed the hearts that he is holding.


This is how the rest of the hearts were added.


I wanted the dragon to look like he was carrying as many hearts as he could hold, but just couldn’t hold them all.

Approximate size: 12 inches (30.48 cm) height X 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) wide
Seen next to a standard 12 oz soda can.

I knew before I started this dragon what I was going to do with it and what I would call it. I dedicated it to a little girl named Lily Wheelis. I have never met Lily or her family, but read about her on a friend’s Facebook page from a GoFundMe campaign he set up for her. Lily has serious medical issues and I empathized with her because I have had some of the same problems and know how miserable they can be. This is just a child who has been dealing with these issues for most of her young life! The dragon is carrying the hearts of all the people who I hope are going to help Lily. I’m hoping there will be more compassionate hearts than he can carry!

So now I present the Hearts for Lily Dragon!!! I will be giving this dragon away through a raffle (raffle is now closed, but you can still donate through GoFundMe if you would like to help). I hope people open their hearts to Lily and give a donation to help her family cover her medical bills so she can live a more normal life.