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First, let me thank everyone who entered into this contest. We had 46 entries which translated into $460 for Lily’s medical needs. You guys ROCK!!!

Sunday, David Stipes and I made a trip to Lily’s house for me to meet her because we thought it would be appropriate for her to be the one to choose the winner of the dragon. Forty-six individual entries were placed in a bowl, stirred, mixed, and thoroughly shuffled (several times by Lily).

When Lily was ready, she chose one name and that is:



The dragon has already been delivered to Chloie’s grandmother who was generous enough to buy her three entries into this raffle. Chloie is nine years old and from what I have learned has powerful dragon energy!

Here are some photos of that day –

Meeting Lily for the first time! Contrary to how this child looks, she is actually very ill, but she has such a positive attitude!

IMG_8658_CC-darker-fix dragon

Lily making sure the entries are completely mixed.


Pulling the winner!

IMG_8677_CC-no spots


I will post photos of the winner when they become available. Thanks everyone again!