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I was really having a difficult time trying to decide what color to paint this dragon. I liked this green color a lot, but I knew it needed to be toned down. His eyes were red and green so I wanted to stay somewhere in that color scheme without him looking too ‘Christmassy’.IMG_2460_CCI mixed a terra cotta color and was going to paint his head, hands, and feet with it but I just didn’t like the color next to his eyes. I decided to save the paint and use it as an accent color. Here are the arms after they have been black-washed and with the final colors. Highlight green and yellow were added later.IMG_2461_CCI preferred the green next to his eyes so once that was painted, I added more tiny balls of the smooth clay around his head to match the texture around his breast plates.IMG_2462_CCI needed to complete the base coat of the painting at least as far as the arms were going to go on. Sometimes it is difficult to get the paint in all the right places unless you paint first before adding pieces.IMG_2464_CCIMG_2463_CCOnce his arms were attached, I continued adding the scales to blend into the existing ones on the body. I also did the finishing painting anywhere the arms might be in the way of the brush. IMG_2470_CCIMG_2469_CCThe scales could now be completed all the way up to the top of the head. I took more of the rough paper mâché clay and blended in the straight edges of the scales.IMG_2473_CCNow it was time to have fun adding details like spines and horns. I wasn’t sure which medium would work best for these so I used both the smooth paper clay and the air-dry clay.IMG_2474_CCThis is a close up of the head. A layer of white glue was painted around each horn/spine in order to strengthen it and blend it into the surrounding head.IMG_2475_CCAfter I finished painting all the little pieces, I decided to add more paper clay balls to balance out the head for a more symmetrical look. Those were then painted to match the rest of the body.IMG_2477_CCHe was starting to come together, but he still looked more like a big lizard than a dragon.IMG_2479_CC.jpgIMG_2480_CCWell the basic dragon is now done so it is now time to start adding the finishing touches.

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