About Diane

Diane_April 2014I have been working with paper and cloth mâché since I was young and although I have tried many other mediums, I always seem to come back to this one.

As I was digging around in the stuff that my Mother left after she died, I came across a paper and cloth mâché nativity set I had made when I was about ten years old.

IMG_1819_CCI remember making the Mother Mary and Joseph and totally forgot the smaller, almost full version. I don’t know why there are only two wise men, but I am lucky that this much survived. They are a little crumpled and some of the paint is chipping off, but otherwise they are in pretty good shape for being 45+ years old.

IMG_1821_CC It was years later while my children were small that I happened on a method using Spackle as a skin over the mâché while helping them make a shark for a school diorama.

Later I moved on to making props for my son’s college films. In one he needed a pith helmet so I just made him one out of things around the house. The core was basic flour and water paper mâché with cloth and glue added for strength.









Here is how it worked in the scene:








Because of the indestructibility of the helmet, I knew I could make a paper mâché horse which you see in the first posting.

My re-surging desire to work with paper and cloth mâché came after I saw a dragon created by Dan Reeder of http://www.gourmetpapermache.com . I just wanted to try my hand at making dragons which I love. I don’t know when I first became interested in dragons, but I have collected everything from books, figurines, music boxes, tarot cards, candlestick holders to a dragon Beanie Baby.

I have found that making these creatures allows me to work with several different mediums besides the paper mâché. There is the medium of the flour and water, but also the challenge of working with cloth dipped in glue. I also use two different clays that need to be sculpted and then the use of paints. All of these methods are varied which makes creating these sculptures interesting to work on.


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