Leopard Dragon (Leo) Part I


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Creating dragons has become so much fun! You can make them look however you want because they are based in fantasy so your imagination has no limits.

I wanted to do a full post on the making of this dragon, but this could get quite lengthy, so I decided to do it in parts.

Once again I began with Dan Reeder’s book, Paper Mache Dragons for the basic body. After that, I like to play with different fabrics and techniques for a different style.Paper Mache Dragons Continue reading



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IMG_1815_CCAfter I saw the new Disney movie, Maleficent, I knew I had to try and make my interpretation of this dragon. With the help of Dan Reeder’s book, Paper Mache Dragons: Making Dragons & Trophies using Paper & Cloth Mache, and watching his videos on YouTube; I was able to learn enough about his techniques to craft my own dragon.

I am not going to go into all the details of making my dragon since Dan has so beautifully shown how to create dragons through his books and videos. All the beginning instructions for the paper mâché can be obtained there. The 12mm glass eyes were purchased from Nixcreations.

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